Spherical Bowl - 24x5cm - Fusing Mould

Spherical Bowl - 24x5cm - Fusing Mould



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Creative Ceramics Moulds for Fusing, Slumping & CastingThis series of moulds is ideal for creating artistic bowls. The depth of this mould suggests the use at the dinner table as soup, salad or dessert bowl.

The neutral quality of the spherical mould is an perfect template for the artistic object, round, square, triangular or any other shape. Whereas some like the swaying movement of the finished glass piece, some glue rubber pads to the base to make it more stable

No matter how you place the glass on the mould, you will always end up with a perfectly spherical glass shape.

Recommended Firing Chart

Please Read: This firing recommendation has been calculated for use with Bullseye Glass of average viscosity with an even thickness of 4 - 6 mm. The chart shown below is also based on the assumption that you are using a top fired kiln, e.g. Paragon GL22, GL24, BVD Flat bed kilns etc. If you are using a side firing kiln you must allow more time in the first ramp.

Specific References

4511 1.310000

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