Dichroic - Yellow-Green/Magenta - Radium - sur Incolore - 3mm



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Dichromagic - COE 90

Coating by Dichromagic

Dichromagic coatings are formulated to withstand fusing and hot glass temperatures and are therefore ideal for fused jewellery, bowls and objects, lamp worked beads etc. But they also work well in stained glass and architectural applications. Colour shifts of dichroic glass may occur during firing. After fusing or lamp working dichroic glass, the color will shift towards the left on the visible color spectrum, depending on the thickness of the dichroic coating, the temperature and the length of firing and the type of base glass. Individual kilns fire differently and it is advisable to test before beginning large projects.

Note: Compatible with all COE 90 Glass

Image: Left - Reflected 45° / Right - Reflected 90°


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