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Creative Ceramics Moules pour Fusing, Thermoformage & Casting

A mould to simply reproduce one of the most popular exotic leaves. Highly realistic rendition of texture, outline and movement. The Banana leaf may be an art object by itself, but it may also be slumped into a bowl in a subsequent firing.

By cutting the glass smaller than the mould size, you can alter shape and size of the object. Pre-fuse a layer of a light transparent glass onto clear to obtain a slight colour shading as a result of the varying thickness produced by the texture.

Recommended Firing Chart

Please Read: This firing recommendation has been calculated for use with Bullseye glass. Whereas the most typical casting glasses are frit and billets, you can have great results using sheet glass, stringers, rods as well as prefabricated components.

The chart shown below is also based on the assumption that you are using a top fired kiln, e.g. Paragon GL22, GL24, BVD Flat bed kilns etc.

Following this recommended firing chart will lead to a smooth piece of glass with a glossy surface. The finished piece will shrink somewhat, depending on the amount of glass used. Some coldworking on the edges with a diamond pad may be necessary. By lowering the temperature to a sinter firing (approx. 720°C) the piece will shrink less and have a 'sugary' look similar to pâte-de-verre.

Fire Chart

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